Section Six: Scholarship History

This section is for pupils who are doing scholarship. It contains information on:
What scholarsip exams are about.
The criteria that are used for assessing Scholarship History.
Links to past papers.

Pupils doing scholarship need to get an AME Year 13 Scholarship History Workbook from Mr Avery

In term three there willbe regualr once weekly meetings for scholarship at a time to be arranged.

​General information on scholarship

Scholarship explanation from NZQA website.doc
What scholarship is about.

History assessment criteria and links to past exams

Scol Skill marking grid 2009 withannotations.doc
Sets out how to apply scholarship History skills. Key for your approach to scholarship

What is Scholarship History and resource links from NZQA website.doc
What schiolarship History is and links to past papers. Lots of files. Details build on above marking grid link

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