Section Two Century NZ Race

This section has as its first link the key summary of nineteenth century New Zealand race hsitory. To use only race for your essay answers for level three NCEA you must understand and know the content which is summarised in the first eleven pages. You also need to read, understand the views of historian quoted in the remining part of the summary. You should be able to summarise the views of several historian on key issues in this race history.

There is also has a link to New Zealand History online. This is a very useful site.

The rest of this section is divided into chronologically. There are powerpoints, biographies and other resources that we have used in lessons. Going back over at least some of them helps you to understand the topic and therefore enables you to better learn the summary.

NZ Race Relations Summary 05 version.doc
19th Summary of Level Three NCEA Race with quotes from historians

Historical Narritives shortened from summary.doc
Five pages of quotes of historians on NZ Race
This site has a really good summary of important aspects of the Level Three NZ Hisory curriculum.

1800 - 1840

Wiki Early contact Images.doc
Images of early contact

Wiki Musket wars.doc
Musket Wars images

Wiki Mission Images.doc

pre_1840_maoripakeha_relations school history 1.ppt
pre_1840_maoripakeha_relationspart schoolhistory 2.ppt

Sealingwithvideo school hist no sound.ppt

year13hongihikabackgroundnotes wwwschoolhistory.doc
Hongi Hika

year13maoriandmissionary www schoolhistory.doc

Treaty Of Waitangi

Treaty translations.doc

Hobson & the Treaty.docWaitangi Essay Wiki.doc
year13noteshoneheke SH 2010.doc
Hone Heke

Treaty Viewpoints.doc
Table of Historians views by Emily sutton 2009

TOW www schoolhistory notes 1830s 1840.doc
Notes on the formation of the Treaty

Claudia Orange TOW talk WAHTA day 29 8 08.doc
Talk by Claudia Orange, a leading New Zealand historian and perhaps our foremost expert on the Treaty.

Waitangi Essay Wiki.doc
Essay on the Treaty in the Nineteenth Century

Conquest by War: Wars Of The 1860s

King Movement D Keenan 1.ppt
Powerpoint on King Movement

King Movement D Keenan 07 2.ppt
Powerpoints on the King Movement

te+ua+haumene.doc Te Ua Haumene st..doc Biography materials on founder of Pai Marire

Conquest By Law: 1860s - 1890s

The New Zealand Settlement Act.doc
The New Zealand Setttlement Act and Tittokowaru's War

TE KOOTI ARIKIRANGI notes.docTe Kooti.doc

Te Kooti.doc

Parihaka background

Te Whiti Ariel version.doc
Te Whiti and Bryce biographies